Siobhen Fitzpatrick and James Roeder III

Michigan Wedding Videography

“James and I are so pleased with our wedding videos. You did an outstanding job capturing all the special moments of our wedding day, artistically and professionally. The two of you were so personable, flexible, fun and very accommodating. We were also very happy that not only were there no photographer/videographer conflicts, but that you and the photographer worked in harmony together.

I have to confess that, although our photographer did an excellent job and provided us with beautiful photos, the wedding video is so much more! A wedding video is full of life, capturing feeling, emotions, actions, and little moments that will never be forgotten because they can be replayed and relived. If I had to choose between the two, I would most definitely choose videography over the photography!

Thank you again for the beautiful re-creation of a day that is very special to us!” –