Elizabeth Kobylasz, Mother of the Bride

Michigan Wedding Videography

“I am Julienne Kobylasz Floetke’s mom , today I got to see the beautiful wedding video preview that was sent to Eric and Julie.. I will admit when in the early stages of our wedding planning Julie said she wanted to have the wedding taped I questioned this expense… she insisted on having it taped and she insisted on having you do it… I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything as precious as this video, you think all the important parts will stay in your memory, and while I’m sure they will, you captured things I could only imagine, the look on my son in law’s face as he watched her come up the aisle… seeing (up close) my daughter’s eyes sparkle as she says her vows… watching my dad watch his granddaughter, my husband’s smile as he nears the alter with his best girl… there are no words to describe how I feel watching this beautiful bit of history you’ve turned into art…I CAN”T wait to see the whole thing… I can tell you already…I will treasure it all the days of my life.

Thank you! The two of you were as warm and lovely as the video… again, thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!”